Supporting a veteran-owned business means building long-lasting business relationships by collaborating with a company owned by someone who has served in the military, honoring their service.

Unlocking the Power of Digital Imaging

Our mission is to redefine the visual storytelling experience by capturing stunning aerial perspectives that elevate the presentation of properties, enabling clients to showcase spaces with unparalleled detail and immersion.

I’m absolutely enamored with real estate photography; it’s like diving into a visual symphony where every composition, line, and angle sings its own tune. Capturing the beauty of interiors feels like unlocking a treasure trove of aesthetic wonders, each corner whispering a unique story waiting to be shared. The way homes unveil their narrative through my lens, revealing their charm and character Gallery, never fails to inspire my passion for capturing their essence.

On the more technical side, my goal is to help you optimize the insurance and restoration process through our advanced photographic and LiDAR technology providing precise documentation and analysis for seamless and efficient claims management.

We apply those same technologies to enhance operational efficiency, offering comprehensive visual data that aids in strategic decision-making, planning, and maintenance protocols for Facility Managers.

Our services extend to architecture, engineering and construction, where we utilize LiDAR technology to capture the essence of planning, design, and construction progress, empowering stakeholders with precise project visualization.

Our commitment to security imaging solutions includes can supplement 3D virtual images and floor plans of interior and exterior spaces, ensuring there are no blind spots allowing a heightened level of situational awareness and planning for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

At ProCaptureFX, we merge the power cutting-edge high resolution photography,  360 immersive photos, and LiDAR imaging solutions to redefine industry standards to exceed your expectations in every facet of our services.

– Sonny

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